Books in Print

Books In Print

Over the years, the Group’s collaborative efforts have yielded many successful books published by Thomson/West and Foundation including:

ADR in the Workplace
by Laura J. Cooper, Dennis R. Nolan, Richard A. Bales, and Stephen F. Befort (3d ed. 2014)
Legal Protection for the Individual Employee
by Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt, Robert N. Covington, and Matthew W. Finkin (5th ed. 2016)
Public Sector Employment Cases and Materials
by Martin H. Malin, Ann C. Hodges, Joseph E. Slater,and Jeffrey M. Hirsch (3d ed. 2016)
Employment Discrimination Law:  Cases and Materials on Equality in the Workplace
by  Maria L. Ontiveros, Roberto L. Corrado, Michael L. Selmi and Melissa Hart (9th ed. 2016)
Labor Law in the Contemporary Workplace
by Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt, Martin H. Malin, Roberto L. Corrada, Christopher David Ruiz Cameron and Catherine L. Fisk (2nd ed. 2014)
PoEL Principles of Employment Law
by Peggie R. Smith, Ann Hodges, Susan J. Stabile and Rafael Gely (2009)
ILLCaMoWRinGE International Labor Law: Cases and Materials on Workers’ Rights in the Global Economy
by James Atleson, Lance Compa, Kerry Rittich, Calvin Sharpe and Marley Weiss (2008)
LLS Labor Law Stories
edited by Laura J. Cooper and Catherine L. Fisk (2005)
LaEL Labor and Employment Law
by Robert J. Rabin, Eileen Silverstein, George Schatzki and Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt (3rd ed. 2002)

Disability Law Cases and Materials cover Disability Law Cases and Materials
by Stephen F. Befort and Nicole Buonocore Porter (1st ed. 2016)